Addon Domain

An (Addon Domain) is a domain name that points to a subdirectory within your hosting account with us.

*NOTE: As with pointed or parked domains, you will first need to change the nameservers of the domain you wish to add as an addon domain with our nameservers. If you do not do this first you will not be able to proceed with the final setup via your control panel.

Setting Up Addon Domains:

After logging into your control panel, go to (Addon Domain), after which you will see three options. 

New Domain Name: - Enter your domain you wish to add here.

Username/directory/subdomain Name: - After you click this box, the control panel will by default list the subdirectory it will create for this domain. You can either leave it at that or change it as you see fit.

Password: Enter the password you wish to use for this domain.

If the nameservers for the addon domain have been configured correctly before the above steps have been taken, after you have filled everything out it will setup the addon domain and create the subdirectory with the one specified.
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